Our voices convey so much. They carry the weight of our history, our upbringing, our culture. They represent our psychology, our status. The meaning of the words we say is coloured by the phonemes that structure them.

In code bend time, Evangelia Kolyra responds physically to the infinite variations of tone, pitch and timbre brought to bear upon the phonemes of English language as spoken by her audience. Variations in pronunciation are relayed back to the speaker as movements as distinct as the voice they respond to.

code bend time is a participatory, durational choreographic installation. The audience is invited to experience the making of a performative gallery work taking the roles of performer, participant or viewer.

Performed at Lace Market Gallery as part of Nottdance 2017 and Siobhan Davies Studios. Duration of performances 3-6 hours.

Concept and performance: Evangelia Kolyra

Set and Costume design: Lina Motsiou

Lighting Design: Maria Gozadinou

Graphic design: Harry Lagoussis

Producers: Xavier de Sousa, Steve Goatman

Commissioned by Dance4 and Lace Market Gallery. Co-produced by Dance4 and Onassis Cultural Centre. Supported by Siobhan Davies Studios. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

NEXT PERFORMANCE: 28th-29th April 2018, 5-8pm at Onassis Cultural Centre (Athens)

Promotional image by Eleni Tomadaki