Shifting through a series of contagious motions and emotions, Laugh & Cry reveals the stark differences between public and private personas. It plays with poses and postures and attitudes, and shifts from the real to unreal and/or surreal. It teases. It smiles. It comments. It presents. It hides. 

Choreography: Evangelia Kolyra

Performance: Elsa Petit, Vasiliki Stasinaki, Evangelia Kolyra

(Previously performed by: Sam Agnew, Ivey Wawn, Rosana Ribeiro)

Lighting Design: Gareth Green

Supported by The Place, Roehampton University and Newington Dance Space.

Presented as part of Resolution! 2012, Dirty Dancing, Agony Art, Big Dance 2012, Regent’s Canal Festival 2012, Dance Diary-Roehampton University, Schiume Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013, Stockholm Fringe Fest (Stoff) and Chelsea Theatre.

VIDEO link

Photos by Francis Western-Smith