photo by Eulanda Shead

Evangelia Kolyra is a Greek, London-based choreographer and performer, who is interested in performance work which takes place within theatre spaces, site-specific, film and installation contexts.

Evangelia’s work aims to offer audiences a kinaesthetically rich experience of the unexpected, humorous and sometimes dark or sinister sides to the psychology of human experience, presented within highly detailed and physically demanding choreography.

Her work has been featured in various platforms and festivals in Europe (England, Scotland, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Iceland) and she is working towards developing a cross-disciplinary and highly collaborative practice.

Evangelia has an MFA in Choreography from Roehampton University (UK), a BA in Dance from Professional Dance School D.Gregoriadou (GR) and a BA in Greek Philology-Linguistics from National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (GR).